Friday, 18 July 2008

Noah and the Whale - Peaceful The World Lays Me Down

i was turned onto noah and the whale by their single 5 years time and the album didn't disappoint. it is very easy to listen to and drift away into another, more friendly and peaceful, land. because of the style it can occasionally sound a bit samey but nonetheless this is a good album. one for fans of willy mason although this is distinctly chirpier.

download, listen and drift...

Noah and the Whale - Peaceful The World Lays Me Down

Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time

if you like noah and the whale then i suggest you also check out laura marling. she was the girl who sang on young love by mystery jets and her album is produced by charlie from noah and the whale and sounds much alike. this is the best track off her album and the one she sung with mystery jets

Mystery Jets - Young Love

Laura Marling - Failure


Sean said...

Hey there.

Please don't hotlink to a specific song. Rather, drop a link to the actual post.

Thanks in advance.

Tommy Gunn said...

drop a link in advance? are you some kind of cunt?! you are hosting a link to copywritten content that you do not own and you are criticizing someone for copying a link that you provided? are you being serious?! fuck off you self righteous prick!