Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Beck - Hell Yes (Remix EP)

beck goes 8-bit! now, normally i am not a huge beck fan but this ep is uncredible! why has it taken me so long to find out about it? even if you're not a fan of beck or 8-bit, download this because it is so good (with exception of que onda guero).

Beck - Hell Yes (Remix EP)

right, i've been waiting for an excuse to post this for a while now and i finally have one. this is a stone cold tune! don't get excited, its not on the ep but its still well worth a listen.

Beck - Debra (Live)


Blair said...

I left something in your chat box but thats a stupid place to communicate

That is a band I think you might like, and I think kinda fits your blog. It is their new ep leak, I included the cover and everything. You should check it out and post, if you think your readers will like it, I like the stuff you put on your blog and I love this, so I assume others will!

Their name is Darling's Cabinet of Sundry Horror, and its kind of like gothic folk/protopunk/indie/circus music, For fans of the birtday party and the violent femmes, and maybe even marilyn manson or Tom waits.

Tommy Gunn said...

Hi Blair,

Thanks for that ep, i did give it a listen but i wont be posting it unfortunately. the way you describe them is perfect, but i don't feel that it really fits with the blog. sorry! i'm happy to leave it is as a comment though for anyone to download. thanks again buddy.