Saturday, 25 July 2009

I'm back motherbitches!!!

so, because noone took me up on my offer and i hate my new job so much i have decided to start doing Tommy Gunn again! now, i'm a bit rusty so to kick off the second coming i am going to cheat a bit. i discovered this blog today and it has two sensational albums on it that you must downlaod. So i've linked to the posts, don't worry this wont become a regular occurrance.

80kidz - This Is My Shit

Very cool album indeed. One for fans of justice etc... but also its a bit more trancey at times (similar to deadmau5 in places) and a couple of songs remind me a teeeeency beeeet of slagsmalsklubben. arab hertz club is a brilliant song and reminds me of prefuse 73 chiled. so, click the link

Birdy Nam Nam - Manual For Successful Rioting

now, i heard about these a while back and remember not being that impressed. well boy is my face red! red with embarrassment and squeamish joy!!! again for fans of the usual (daft punk, justice...) but it has that extra bit of edginess and difference that makes them stand out. (see comments for link)


cipion said...

Hey man sorry, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) delete my post :( anyway here is the link xD

Anonymous said...

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