Friday, 15 August 2008

Friendly Fires - Photobooth EP and Cross the Line

i liked the album so much i had to upload the eps too. awesome stuff!

cover for cross the line

cover for photobooth ep

Friendly Fires - EPs (both eps are contained in the same rar file)


carlos ;) said...

i've been looking everywhere for these two and i love that actually posted them both in the same rar.
however, i'm unable to download it through z-share for some reason. i click the link, it counts down from twenty seconds and it takes me back to the start with no actual download link. neither does it begin automatically.
is there any possibility that you re-post through another file share server of gimme another link... perhaps let me know where i can get them.
thanks a gazillion!!!

Shorn Star said...

Please re-upload the links DEAD. Thanks big time!